Robotic foes invade HAWKED in Thrilling new season:


Update Kicks Off With Robotic New Enemies, Big Changes To X-Isle, Ranked Mode, And New Class Card System

Amsterdam – May 23, 2024 -- Publisher The 4 Winds Entertainment and Developer MY.GAMES  has launched the highly-anticipated “Issue #2: Dark Arrival”, a major new update for the online treasure-hunting game HAWKED on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC. Packed with adrenaline-pumping action, a riveting storyline, and countless ways to customize playstyles and looks, this new chapter promises to elevate players' treasure-hunting experience to new heights. And for the first time, players on Xbox One and Epic Games Launcher can also join the adventure.
2. Sayı: Karanlık Misafir Sinematik Fragmanı
الإعلان السينمائي للإصدار الثاني: اجتياح الظلام
In "Issue 2: Dark Arrival," players are thrust into the heart of a tumultuous conflict as the arrival of VEKTR sends shockwaves through the world of HAWKED. Cybernetically-enhanced warriors and advanced drones have seized control of X-Isle, establishing outposts and fortresses across its shores. At the center of their conquest lies the excavation of the largest vault ever discovered on the island, rumored to contain the legendary Heart of the Island—a source of unparalleled power.

The battle on X-Isle intensifies in an all-new Questline as HAWKED unveils a range of formidable new adversaries from the VEKTR force. Renegades will now face the relentless GAMMA units in close combat, the aerial threat of BETA units, and the terrain-altering might of DELTA units. Adding to the challenge, the parasitic EPSILON bots enhance their allies' abilities while evading danger, and the seemingly benign OMICRON units reveal their devastating self-detonating capabilities. Meanwhile, treasure-laden Fire Caravans, essential for the Disciples, become prime targets for resource-hungry Renegades.

Key New Features:

●    PvP Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode expands HAWKED’s competitive PVP experience. Players can squad up, level up their Rank and Division in Ranked Mode by extracting treasure and eliminating rivals, and receive exclusive rewards the higher they climb.

●    Class Cards

Class Cards offer a new way to experiment with builds and playstyles in HAWKED. A new collectible inspired by legendary Renegades from the past, each Class Card comes with 5 Mastery Levels, which can be upgraded by completing Mastery Quests. Each Class Card unlocks unique buffs and bonuses to amplify certain playstyles, or help players find new ways to loot and fight.

To unlock a Class Card, players will need to own the correct Artifacts and Gear represented within that card to activate it.

●    Renegade Pass

Renegades can complete Quests to receive rewards from the Free track, with the option to purchase the Premium Renegade Pass and pursue more lucrative adventures with additional rewards. Exclusive Outfits, Avatars, Weapon Patterns, and more are available, including enough GE-0 Cash currency to buy next Issue’s Renegade Pass.
HAWKED launched on February 15 on PC via the MY.GAMES Launcher and Steam, and on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store, making the consoles’ most downloaded free-to-play lists in February 2024. Since its release, HAWKED has captivated players with its dynamic gameplay, immersive treasure-hunting mechanics, and gripping extraction shooter action.

HAWKED is a unique extraction-shooter in which teams of up to three players (or solo) race to collect and extract Artifacts from a remote island called X-Isle. Players (also known as Renegades) use special abilities and multiple combinations of builds to compete against each other. On this treasure island, they have to secure and extract Artifacts that can only be reached by fighting other players for the prize, solving puzzles, avoiding traps, and getting rid of local monsters.

The latest news and updates will be shared on the game’s official website and social channels.

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