T4W partnering up with Niantic to launch Pokémon GO in Turkey

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2nd of March 2022: The 4 Winds Entertainment (T4W) is proud to announce its strategic marketing & communications partnership with the Niantic, Inc. for the upcoming full Turkish launch of Pokémon GO this year.

With Niantic adding Turkish language support to Pokémon GO starting the month of February on Apple App Store and Google Play, T4W reached to an agreement to support Niantic in a country where our team has operated in for many years. Developed in partnership with The Pokémon Company, Pokémon GO allows trainers to catch Pokémon, hatch eggs, trade, match against each other, participate in immersive events, do quests and more while exploring new places.

“We want to build a strong community of Pokémon GO Trainers in Turkey." stated Omar Téllez, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Niantic. "We are taking this to the next level with dedicated conversations, events, celebrations, and outreach in the coming months, and our relationship with The 4 Winds Entertainment will help us accelerate that.”

The 4 Winds Entertainment and Niantic will work hand-in-hand to design different ways to craft a series of innovative marketing activities across Turkey in 2022, open the way for local trainers and fans to speak their native tongue with an official community channel on Twitter and Facebook via @PokemonGOAppTUR, and much more in the near future. Each activation will be designed to inspire and support the notion of exploration, raise awareness to the richness of the Turkish culture and its nation.

"As one of the many loyal Pokémon GO players in our team for many years, I’m really thrilled to be able to support the full launch of the game in my home country," said Uğur Ülger, Head of Product Marketing at The 4 Winds Entertainment. “Pokémon GO is a worldwide phenomenon since its launch in 2016, and I’m glad to see the game fully operational and showcasing the best of Turkey”

About The 4 Winds Entertainment
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About Niantic
Niantic is a leading AR company, inspiring people to explore the world, together. Our signature slate of products--Ingress, Pokémon GO, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite--reaches a global community of hundreds of millions of Niantic explorers. The Niantic Real World Platform offers creators cross-platform API’s and tools that simplify the development of AR applications for current and future mobile devices. For more information go to www.NianticLabs.com and @nianticlabs.